Mulch Sign Up Sheets

The 2021 annual mulch fundraising operation is underway!

Older scouts/families:
You are already aware of the vital role our annual fundraiser plays in the health and growth of our troop and the amazing program we offer. You certainly know the feeling of accomplishment, hard work, fun, food and benefits the day brings

Newer scouts/families:
Welcome to our annual event. One of several events that bring together our community like no other day on our calendar. It’s a great way to work along side your fellow scouts and family members while getting to know each other better and making new connections.

All scout participation (and volunteers on behalf of a registered scout) results in a scout account distribution for the scout. Full participation results in a maximum distribution yet to be determined and based on sales.

Along with Scout participation, adult volunteers are necessary for success. Pitch-in, Sign-up, Earn money, Have fun!

(Note: 2021 is NOT a drop your scout off at the event. Each scout needs pre-arranged transportation) 

  • Scouts delivering mulch. Bring your strength and attitude. Earn money
  • Adults helping making it happen, especially drivers to shuttle the scouts.
  • Adults and families providing the fuel to make it possible. Bring food and supplies