Scout Registration 2024

Thanks for registering your scout for 2024. Please fill out the information fully so that we may update our mailing lists. This year, there is a new NCAC participation fee in addition to the BSA Registration fees. In order to offset this additional fee, the Committee has approved allocating $80 per Scout for registration. The breakdown of the 2024 fees are as follows:


  • BSA Registration: $80
  • NCAC Participation Fee (new): $80
  • Troop 51 Dues: $80
  • Mulch Fundraiser Subsidy: ($80)
  • Subtotal: $160
  • Paypal Fee: $5
  • Total: $165

Register and Pay by Check

To pay by check, please print this form and return to the address on the form. 

Scout Registration 2024

Register and Pay Online

To pay online, please fill out the rest of this form. 


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Section 2 - Parent Information

Section 4 - Submit

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