Troop 51 Mulch Drive 2020


3/14 Update: We were able to successfully deliver mulch throughout the community and complete our 2020 Mulch fundraising goals. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you in future years.


Help support Troop 51’s annual fundraising effort and help give your garden a boost by purchasing Top Quality Double Shredded Mulch.

We partner with the Merrifield Garden Center to provide a quality mulch.

Not only will you be supporting Boy Scouts but you’ll be saving yourself some money as well. Our prices are below retail and we offer FREE delivery.

Order today. Orders must be prepaid and returned by Monday, March 2, 2020.
Delivery Day is Saturday March 14, 2020
(Our delivery area included most of 20171)

Click on the following link to download our order form: 2020 Mulch Flyer OnePage (Mailer)

Note: Delivery is limited to those neighborhoods where flyers are distributed, (east of Centerville Road and west of Route 602) | Map Guidance

If you have any questions please send them to

Thank you for supporting Boy Scout Troop 51

Summer Camp 2020 July 19-26

Henson Scout Reservation – 5700 Nanticoke Road, Rhodesdale MD

Camp Programs Include

Brownsea: for 1st Year Scouts The program is all day and divided into two main sections- Rank Instruction and Merit Badge Classes. Scouts will engage in a number of requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class ranks.  The other component of the program offers participants the opportunity to work on achieving the Swimming and Nature Merit Badges.


Advanced Events: ATV (14yrs+), Blacksmithing(13yrs+) and Shooting Sports (13yrs+)



Troop 51 Open House – January 22, 2020

2016 – Camp Highroad – High Ropes, Archery & Fall Court of Honor

2016 – Camp Highroad – High Ropes, Archery & Fall Court of Honor

Scout Training Opportunities – March-September 2016

Scouts looking for additional training to increase your skills have opportunities in the coming months (March to September 2016).

  • Advancement: Life-to-Eagle Seminar (March 5)
  • Boy Scout Positions of Responsibility: Den Chief (March 19), Leave No Trace Trainer (March and April)
  • Scout Leadership Training
    • Bear Claw Leadership Conference (March 19)
    • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) / Impeesa (June 19-24, July 10-15, or July 31–August 5)
    • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) (Spring Break, multiple weeks during summer)

For more information see this Scout Training Opportunities briefing.

Camp Highroads 2014

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Merit Badge Process

Here’s a great resource for those of you that my have questions about the merit badge process.  For our new scouts – a great primer for getting a jump on your first year of merit badges!  Thanks Mr. Nicoud!



Northern Tier 2012

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Summer Camp 2012

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Camp Henson 2012

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In keeping with our growing tradition, I wanted to send out a summary email for Camp Henson 2012.  We had a very successful summer camp.  Once again, we returned to Camp Henson in Nanticoke, MD, part of the Delmarva Council.  We had 41 scouts and 10 full-time adult campers attend camp this year. Of the 41 scouts, we had 10 brand new Brownsea scouts.  While at camp, we had the opportunity to participate in 2 camp fires and we had an awesome, late night Troop Swim.  All the scouts had the opportunity to go tubing behind the camp motor boats and we worked on a lot of merit badges.  Our scouts worked on 29 different merit badges that ranged from Archery to Wilderness Survival, with a little Metalworking and ATV riding thrown in for good measure.

Here are some of the statistics we observed at Camp Henson this year:


High temperature:  103

Low temperature: 67

Number of Merit Badges completed: 142

Number of partial Mbs: 33

Tenderfoot Scouts Created: 9

Brownsea Scout Requirements Completed: 370

Eagle Merit Badges Completed: 63

Major Injuries: 0

Scouts returned to parents: 41

I would like to send out a personal thank you to all of the scouts that served as my leaders on this trip, without them, we would not have had a successful summer camp:

John Burbach

Justin Turner

Luke Auman

Austin Gilley

David Fish

Hunter Hageny

Colum Conner

Will Nicoud

Alex Stein

We also had an awesome group of parents that worked together as a team to make a memorable camping experience for all of our scouts, without them, our camp would not have been nearly as successful as it was.  Thanks to all of the adults that worked on or attended camp this year:

Joe Nelson

Brian Gilley

Bob Steindl

Randy Hartman

Mark Lewis

Mark Casey

Stephen Nicoud

Jeff Burbach

Nancy Baker

Dev Singh

Karl Serafin

Min Choe

Brian Downs

Terry Baker

I personally had a great time and will remember this scout camp for years to come.  Not only did I get to participate in a very cool MB (Metalworking), but I got the chance to watch all of our scouts grow.  I saw many of my seasoned scouts grow into strong leaders, I saw quite scouts find their voices and provide direction to other scouts.  I watched as our tentative new scouts, venture into an alien world and come out on the other end as confident, seasoned Tenderfoot scouts.  All-in-all, we had a great week and I am glad that I had the opportunity to spend a great week with all your sons.


Mr. Conner