Merit Badges

What are merit badges?

There are over 100 different merit badges covering topics in Science, Sports, and Life Skills. A merit badge is earned after all the requirements for the badge have been completed. Besides the 13 Eagle-required merit badges, Scouts will have the option to choose which merit badges to take for rank advancement.

What is a blue card?

This is the official merit badge record.  It must be signed by the Scoutmaster and merit badge counselor.  For more information, see this link

What are merit badge books?

For each merit badge, there is a related book. It is an incredibly valuable resource to have with you while working on any badge. The book provides context, examples, and further enumeration on the topics covered by the requirements.  These merit badge books can be borrowed from our troop library, purchased at Scout Shops, or purchased online here.

How can Scouts earn merit badges to become Eagle Scouts when there are so many other activities going on?

Scouts have the opportunity at summer camp to earn a number of badges as well as at Merit Badge College which is offered by the local Scout council.  In addition, the troop has occasionally offered the opportunity at meetings to work on badges as a troop.  Lastly, the troop maintains a list of merit badge counselors who could help Scouts with badges when called by individual Scouts.

What are merit badge worksheets?

Worksheets lay out merit badge requirements and give you place to document your work.  There are lots of resources that have merit badge worksheets.  Here’s a list of some which includes list of all merit badges:

Merit Badge Worksheets by BSA Scouting
Merit Badge Worksheets by US Scouts
Merit Badge Worksheets by Boy Scout Trail

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