Scoutmaster’s Corner

October 7, 2020

Troop 51 Scouts and Families,

I am honored to be named as the next Scoutmaster of Troop 51, and it is with great humility that I agree to serve in the footsteps of Mr. Nicoud.   Mr. Nicoud has been a role model in demonstrating and living the ideals of Scouting.  I greatly appreciate his dedication, commitment, energy, and integrity with which he carries out the Scouting Program and provides individual attention to each and every Scout.  [Thank you, Mr. Nicoud!!]  He leaves some very large shoes (or hiking boots) to fill.  I look forward to his continued guidance and counsel.

One strength of Troop 51 is the number of other dedicated volunteers, council members, and Assistant Scoutmasters that make the Troop function and create a real community.  I am grateful that Mr. Nicoud, Mr. Mark Smith (ASM), and Mr. Pete Young (Chartered Organization Representative) have all agreed to assist me in the transition, and we are counting on the continued contribution of ASMs and other volunteers.

To let you know a little more about me, I love camping and being outdoors.  I am an Eagle Scout, earned Arrow of Light, and was inducted as a member of Order of the Arrow.  I grew up in Wyoming and we camped year around, so I’ve had plenty of camping nights in snow (including making and sleeping in a snow shelter, or dugout) and was in a Troop that had both a 50-mile canoe/camping and a 50-mile backpacking trip each year.  Since COVID hit, I’ve personally “logged” ten (10) camping nights with my family and we have another trip planned in October.  In 2021, I look forward to attending SeaBase with some of you, as well as enjoying a personal trek to climb Mt. Rainier (including ice climbing the glacier) with some friends in early June (when the temperature still reaches 0 degrees Fahrenheit overnight at the base camp and summit!).

I look forward to working with Scouts and contributing to their growth as individuals and citizens who carry with them the core values of Scouting and the lessons in character and leadership as they grow into young men.   (Prepared for Life!)

Yours in Scouting,
Ron Johnson
Scoutmaster, Troop 51